You Could be a Foster !

Because there is never a shortage of cats, OSCatR is always in need of foster homes. Foster home volunteers are an integral part of the Adoption and TNR programs. Without foster homes, OSCatR would be limited in the help they could provide to cats who are referred to the Adoption and TNR programs.

There are two types of foster homes. Foster homes for the Adoption program provide a loving and nurturing environment, and a simulating and enriching temporary home for the cats. This keeps the cat happy, healthy and well-socialized, and also provides an opportunity to assess their personalities. Adoption foster homes must be open and available for visits from potential adopters.

Foster homes for the TNR program provide a safe environment for community cats to recover from spay or neuter surgery before they are returned to their colony. These cats remain segregated for the duration of their stay to help them feel safe and secure.


What do I need to become a foster?

Fosters need a quiet room to isolate the cat/kitten for about 10

days. This isolation period allows for the parasitic treatment

medications to take effect. It also allows for time to determine the

general health of the cat and to treat for any illnesses before, if

applicable, your own pets are exposed to the foster cat. Fosters

also provide food (except veterinary food), litter, toys, treats etc.

We will provide these items when we can and when donations are


Who pays for the medical and veterinary care?

Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue pays for all medical care for the cats under our care through our veterinarian partner clinics. OSCatR will not cover the cost of medical care incurred without our prior consent.

How does my foster cat get adopted?

Adoptable cats are advertised in various places, including the website, social media, local classifieds, posters, local events and Petfinder. Once we receive an inquiry, we arrange an appointment with you and the potential adopter to meet the cat in your home. If all goes well, the potential adopter will return the next day (or when they and the cat are ready), pay the fee, sign the contract, and take home their new family member ! 


What if I don't think a potential adopter's home is the best match for my foster cat? 

As a foster, you will know the cat best. If you have any concerns about the potential adopter, please let the adoption coordinator know. 

How long will the foster cat be in my home? 

It’s hard to know how long it will take to find an adopter for each specific cat. Some cats are adopted very quickly, while others take much longer. We work closely with you to match you with a cat in our care that best meets your experience, and time commitment.

Can I adopt my foster cat?

Yes! OSCatR has a long history of “failed foster placements” that have become furrever homes. However, we discourage fostering as a means to “shop around” for the perfect cat. If you are fairly sure you wish to adopt, we can suggest cats that we think would thrive in your home environment, helping to ensure a long, happy union.