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OSCatR is a foster home based rescue, meaning our cats are fostered in homes across the city and not in a central facility. Each foster family works with their foster cat(s) to ensure they are healthy and socialized so they can be put up for adoption and find their forever homes.

All of our cats in care are strays that were rescued, and we therefore do not have background/historical information for them. What we can provide to you is health and behavioral information obtained while in our care.


Please note that, while we cannot guarantee the future health of our cats, we do ensure all adopted cats are healthy before leaving our care. That being said, the stress of moving homes can bring on cold like symptoms. Often these symptoms will disappear on their own, but if they persist, please reach out to within the first 30 days of adoption and, with pre-approval, we will work with you to schedule a wellness checkup at one of our partner animal hospitals.


Our adoption policy requires all our cats to be indoor cats only unless supervised on a harness and leash or in a cat-escape proof enclosure. We spend so much time and energy rescuing them from the outdoors that we want to ensure that all our cats have a long and happy life indoors. There is also the concern that having been strays, some of our cats would revert to their old way of life and not return home. 

Adoption fees

  • Kittens (8 weeks to 6 months): $275.00

  • 6 months to 10 years: $225.00

  • Purebreds $400

  • Senior, special needs, cat whisperer needed: $165.00

  • 10% discount if adopting more than 1 cat

The adoption fee includes:

  • a veterinary exam

  • 1 or more vaccinations in a series (dependent on time in care) – once adopted, all vaccines not yet administered are your financial responsibility

  • 1 or more deworming treatments (dependent on time in care) – once adopted further deworming treatments are your financial responsibility (recommended at each vaccination appointment)

  • spay or neuter

  • microchip

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