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Other ways to help

We are always in need of various items and food to help cats in our care inside and outside.

Amazon Wish List

Now you can support the Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue from the comfort of your home! Check out our new Amazon wish list that is specifically curated for our furry foster friends. Every item purchased will aid the rescue in helping cats and continue intake.

amazon wishlist.png


We readily accept and need

non-monetary donations:


  • Cat/Kitten food (dry/wet, all brands, open bags are accepted as well, no expired food please)

  • New or Clean Litterboxes

  • New or Clean cat toys, tunnels, cat beds

  • Small and Medium plastic cat carriers

  • New or Gently used cat trees and cat posts

  • Puppy Pads

  • New or functioning water fountains

  • Churro, Cat-it creamy treat tubes

  • Kitten Milk Replacer (KMR)

Other donations

  • New or gently used items to use for online auction

  • Gift cards for products or services for online auctions

And more

Miscellaneous items

  • Medium latex gloves
    Zip ties

  • Pet friendly cleaning products, bleach, Lysol

  • Heated water dishes and

  • Heated cat mats

  • Gift cards to Home Depot, Canadian Tire, Walmart (for TNR supplies)

  • Gift cards for Dollarama, Fabricland (for Crafts to sell)

  • New or not used Fleece, flannel or cotton (scraps or big pieces)

  • New or not used stuffing, insul bright, and batting

Join Catjiji and support the rescue and benefit yourself!

To donate items on our wish list, please e-mail

and we will be in contact as soon as possible.

To help with either drop off or pick up arrangements please include your general location within the area.

Bottle drive

Our "Empties for cats" bottle drive is an easy way to for you to help us raise funds for our cats. Find the available locations for drop off on the poster bellow. If you have any questions, feel free to write to Cheers!

bottle return dropoff locations.jpg


We conduct three to four Auctions per year!  We welcome any gently used and/or previously gifted items you don't want, new items and/or purchased and donated gifts!


March Madness, Spring, Holiday Auction and other themed auctions such as our House Plant Auction, May Munchies and others


Please e-mail and we will be in contact as soon as possible. To help with either drop off or pick up arrangements please include your general location within the area.

Donate your time

Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue is only successful because of our generous volunteers. Your time and assistance are invaluable. Find out how you could join our team through small or big actions.

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