About Us

Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue (OSCatR) is a non-profit charitable organization (NO. 83641 4573 RR0001) dedicated to getting adoptable cats off the streets and into homes in and around the National Capital Region, as well as managing feral cat colonies in this area. Every effort is made to adopt cats into indoor homes through our Adoption Program.



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How can you help?


Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue could not continue to do its work without the contributions, big and small, of time, funds and items from our donors. We thank you all for helping us in our quest to make Ottawa a kinder place for stray cats.


Because there is never a shortage of cats, OSCatR is always in need of foster homes.  Without foster homes, OSCatR would be limited in the help they could provide to cats who are referred to the Adoption and TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) programs.


Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue is an organization made up entirely of volunteers, and its ability to continue helping stray cats is dependent on the strength of the volunteer team.