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Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue (OSCatR) is a non-profit charitable organization (NO. 83641 4573 RR0001) which is dedicated to getting adoptable cats off the streets and into homes in and around the National Capital Region, as well as managing feral cat colonies in this area. Every effort is made to adopt cats into indoor homes through our Adoption Program.


In the course of our work, however, we occasionally encounter feral cats that we are unable to socialize to humans and which are not suitable for adoption into a home. These cats form the basis of many of the community cat colonies which we monitor around the city. Cats in these colonies go through our Trap-Neuter-Return Program (TNR).


Unfortunately some of these community cats need to be relocated from their outdoor homes due to dangerous conditions such as: traffic on a busy road, construction, demolition of their shelter, predators in the area. Once these cats have been rescued and assessed to be unsuitable for an indoor home, they are relocated to carefully monitored outdoor homes through our Feral Cat Relocation Program.