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Unfortunately, until further notice, the OSCatR Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR) Program is closed. If you require TNR services, please contact other local rescues. We will continue to help trap friendly, shy or lost cats or kittens.

Why does TNR work?

Feral cats are the same species as domestic cats but they have had little to no contact with humans. They are fearful of people and cannot be adopted. This is not the ideal scenario for any domestic animal, but there is a simple way that the Rescue can help them: Trap-Neuter-Return. This program ends reproduction, stabilizes feral cat populations, improves individual cats’ lives and curbs the spread of infectious disease. The behaviors and stresses associated with mating, pregnancy, yowling, and fighting, are reduced or stop entirely.

Feral cats that come through our TNR program receive the

following medical services, on a one time basis only:

  • spay/neuter

  • vaccinated with the 3 year rabies vaccine and FVRCP vaccine

  • physical exam

  • ear-tip for identification

  • Microchip

  • pain medication

  • additional medical intervention as needed at time of initial entry


The TNR program is free of charge, but the availability of the

program is dependent on funding to cover the costs.

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