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Victra & Eo

VICTRA, DLH Grey & White and EO, DLH Ginger & White Spayed Females

Est. DOB: January 28, 2022

AVAILABLE as a Bonded Pair Special Needs

Adoption Fee: $297.00

Does there need to be another friendly cat in the home?

Need to be adopted together

Good with Other Cats?


Good with Dogs?

Unknown but not recommended

Good With Children?

Age 13+ quiet children recommended

Uses Litter Box?










Will the cat hide in a new environment?



Foster Notes: Eo and her sister Victra have been together since they first came into care as kittens. They enjoy each other, play, groom and snuggle together and take comfort in each other's company. They were recently returned to foster care and were especially shy when they first came to their new foster home. It took them several weeks to warm up to their foster parent. Once they felt comfortable, all on their own terms, their true sweet natures came out, and now love pets, will purr away when you come in the room, and have become bonified wand aficionados! They have beautiful personalities, they just needed lots of time and patience to feel comfortable enough to show them. They never show any aggression, even when being given a pill or having their long hair brushed (even though neither care for this). Eo and Victra would do best in a quiet home where they can have their own "safe" room, at least for the first few weeks, until they feel comfortable and confident, with someone who can allow them the chance to get to know them with lots of patience. Special Needs: Eo & Victra had issues with urinary crystals, likely due to stress. A veterinary prescribed diet focused on urinary support has helped to clear this up. There have not been any litter box issues in several weeks since being on this diet . Their adopter will need to show a firm commitment to keeping them on the Prescription Urinary food since it's so essential for their bladder health. After much trial and error we have found a diet that suits their tastes and has helped to clear up their urinary issues. They currently eat: Dry Food: Hill’s Prescription Diet Urinary Care c/d with multicare stress, chicken flavour . Canned food: Purina ProPlan Vet Diets, UR Savory Selects St/Ox Salmon Recipe. These are only available from your Veterinary clinic by prescription. The Special Needs adoption fee reflects our acknowledgement that this diet is more expensive than a commercial pet store food.


ADOPTION FEE: The Special Needs Bonded Pair adoption fee is $297.00 (which includes a health check, first vaccination in a series and any that become due while in care, first anti-parasite treatments needed in care, spay or neuter and microchip at our Veterinary partner). There is a 10% discount when you adopt 2 cats/kittens. The adopter will be responsible for any vaccine or boosters, anti-parasite treatments that are needed after adoption. Kittens usually need 3 vaccines, one month apart starting at age 7 weeks. Juveniles and Adult cats usually require 2 vaccines one month apart in the first year, then annual vaccines. Deworming is recommended at the time of each vaccine appointment. If you are intending to adopt, please be aware that your Veterinary clinic may be experiencing backlogs in scheduling appointments, so do not delay calling your clinic to book your new cat's needed booster appointment(s). Victra & Eo's Rabies vaccines are up-to-date until March 2024, their FVRCP vaccines until March 2026. Please note that cats are not tested for FIV/FeLV nor can FIP be predicted. We will share any medical information gathered during our health checks and observations revealed during their time in care. But it is important to know that some illnesses can have an incubation period of 10 days, which means that a cat can leave in good health but get sick a few days post adoption. In addition, the stress of a new environment can affect a cats’ immune system.


APPLICATION NOTE: The application for this cat/kitten may close quickly depending on the number of applications received. As our goal is to find the best match based on the cat(s) needs, only those chosen for a meet-and-greet will be contacted via email. If you are interested in meeting one of our fosters, please visit complete the Adoption Interest Application.


Once your completed application is received and reviewed, our Adoption Coordinator will be in contact within 24-48hrs. If you have not heard from us in this time period please check your SPAM folder. Sometimes our emails end up there.

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