Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue is an organization made up entirely of volunteers, and its ability to continue helping stray cats is dependent on the strength of the volunteer team. There is no commitment required to volunteer with OSCatR. Some volunteers are consistently helping out, while others contribute less frequently and as they are able. Every contribution is appreciated.

In addition to helping save the lives of homeless cats, volunteering can be a rewarding experience for any individual. Volunteering is an excellent way to learn new skills and get work experience. Opportunities are available to coordinate events, work with a team, manage paperwork, manage media and databases, assist with finances, and learn new skills. Volunteering letters are provided which are useful when applying for employment.

Volunteering is a great way to meet people that share the same passions and interests. You can make lifelong friends, all while making a difference in the lives of cats in need and having a sense of satisfaction knowing that lives were saved.

In short, volunteers are the heart and soul of the rescue organization. By volunteering with OSCatR, you can make a big difference in the lives of stray cats in the community, while enjoying an enriching personal experience.

Volunteers can help in many ways including:

  •  Driving

  •  Assisting with the TNR program

  •  Making crafts and baking

  •  assisting with events

  •  Fundraising

  •  Providing specialized expertise such as technical assistance with our multimedia,                                              accounting assistance with our finances, and photographers

  •  Coordinator positions


We need volunteers to drive cats to and from veterinary appointments and adoption

events. We also need donations picked up around the city from pet stores and other

donors. Occasionally, we need supplies dropped off to our foster families throughout the city.


Assisting with the TNR Program

There are several colonies of feral cats living in and around the city who need care. We rely on volunteers to feed these cats, monitor their health, assist with trapping them, and occasionally, to foster them for a short period while they recover from surgeries, etc.


Making crafts and baking

We regularly need volunteers to make crafts

such as cat mats and cat toys which we sell at

fundraising events. This can be done

individually as time permits, or you can join

the group for one of our craft days where you

can learn from others. We also need people to

bake for adoption events and other special

community events.

Assisting with Events

We need volunteers to represent the rescue at local events such as pet store adoption days, community awareness events, and various fundraisers including barbeques, yard sales, craft and bake sales, cat and pet shows, and other larger events conducted in conjunction with other charitable organizations.

Coordinator Positions

We sometimes have coordinator or management type positions which need to be filled. Depending on the availability of volunteers, we aim to have coordinators responsible for the TNR program, events, fundraising, volunteers, fostering, adoptions, donations, media, education, etc. These positions are reserved for volunteers who have been with us for a sufficient amount of time to allow them to have some experience, as well as a solid knowledge of our policies and procedures.


Volunteers are always needed on our

fundraising committee. We regularly hold

bottle drives, online auctions, Canadian Tire

money drives, and various other community

fundraising events.

Other Tasks

There are so many other ways volunteers can make a contribution. For instance, we

occasionally need technical assistance with our multimedia, accounting assistance,

photographers to take pictures of our adoptable cats or at events, handy workers to assist in

the construction of small shelters for stray cats and enclosures for our adoptable cats to be

displayed at events, volunteers to assist with cleaning crates used in the TNR program, etc.

We can't say it enough.... volunteers are the heart and soul of our organization. By volunteering with us you can help make a difference in the lives of stray cats in our community, while enjoying an enriching personal experience. If you’re interested in joining our team, please complete the application at the link below and our volunteer coordinator will contact you to discuss ways that you can get involved.