My story: 

Hi there, I’m Tomesol (Male, DSH Brown Tabby, est DOB October 2, 2017). Are you in search of a quiet, minds-his-own-business, independent roommate, who likes his space and will respect yours as well? Then I am the rakishly handsome man you are looking for! Don’t let the cosmetic damage to my ear concern you. My hearing is perfect. Unfortunately, I’m also a cat, which is synonymous with selective hearing. I’m slowly learning to come when “Tom” is called, but everyone heads for the kitchen when we hear “TONY! FOOD!” and I follow the fatties. I’ve been with my current foster mom and brothers for a month, and I’m still getting used to things. I like the food, especially the Gravy Lover’s Fancy Feast and I have a wonderful hammock to sleep in. In fact, I’ve started hoarding my favorite nip-stuffed toys in MY spot. Quick movements still easily startle me, and I move very fast, so until I’m ready to be picked up and held I won’t be a lap cat. If you approach me sllllloooooowwwwwly, while I’m eating you can pet my back a little, but I prefer to watch the others get pet from a safe distance. Soon I think I’ll be ready for pets and kisses, but not yet. I would like to a cat sibling or 2 in my new home, I’m learning a lot from observing the other cats and I could use a mentor for a while longer.

Foster special notes: 

Tomesol has come a long way in the past month, but he is still needs a very special family. When he first arrived, Tomesol refused to leave the adjustment room closet and often would hiss at me if I got too close. He later moved to under my bed when he was given the freedom to roam the house. Tomesol now explores the house, but when he is feeling stressed his go-to-place is back under my bed. Tomesol has excellent litter box skills and is a big fan of “gravy”. His eating needs to be monitored to make sure that the fatties, aren’t try to steal his food because he is a slow eater. Tomesol is often curious about what I am eating, and has enjoyed small nibbles of beef, ham and tuna. The way to his heart might be his stomach.

Medical Notes:

Tomesol has tested positive for FIV. FIV in cats requires no medical treatment, but an awareness that he is living with a weakened immune system. FIV+ cats can live long and healthy lives, but over time they are vulnerable to dental disease and many will require dental surgery/tooth removal in the future. We recommend that FIV+ cats visit the vet twice a year for an annual exam and for a wellness check to make sure that they are thriving.

Adoption information:

The adoption fee for a special needs cat is $100, which includes a veterinary exam, first set of shots, deworming, spay or neuter and microchip. The adopter will be responsible for the second set of shots if they haven’t been administered yet. If you are interested in meeting one of our fosters please visit our website and complete the Adoption Interest Application. Once your completed application is received and reviewed our Adoption Coordinator will be in contact within 24-48hrs. If you have not heard from us in this time period please check your SPAM folder. Sometimes our emails end up there.