My story:

Hi! My name is Oskar (Male, DSH Black and White, est DOB March 12, 2016). The best things in life are Black and White including classic horror movies, Oreo cookies and Tuxedo Cats. There are important things you should know about me: 1) As a black and white cat, I coordinate perfectly with EVERYTHING! 2) I do *not* enjoy wearing hats. 3) Tuxedo cats are up to 200% smarter than other cats. You won’t catch me with my head stuck in an empty Dorito bag like the average ginger. 4) I am not saying that I am Batman, but it is true that we have never both been seen in the same room at the same time. Some things to consider: I like a cozy place to sleep, so I am currently dividing my time between my foster mom’s box spring or NEXT to the cat bed in the closet. A bit of a food snob, I don’t eat “pate”, but gravy covered and dry both call to me. I am not a glutton when it comes to eating, but I am a solid boy. I love a nice cheek scratch, but I am not a big fan of being picked up…so if you’re patient I’ll make my way over to where you are sitting. Are you a night owl looking for late night company? I will gladly sing you the song of my people at all hours of the night, but if you want silence, you can buy it with a treat. The resident ginger is a pest, but I get along well with the other residents. I would do well in a home with other cats, but I enjoy spending time by myself. I have excellent litter skills, because I enjoy digging, I would do best with a large deep box.

Foster special notes:

Oskar is definitely a smart cookie; he found the box spring hiding place right away and he is the best hider of the bunch. I’m not so sure about the Batman claim, but one of the residents is Tony Stark so almost anything could be possible. Oskar is a bit of a picky eater and has turned his nose up at the pate version of Fancy Feast, but likes the Gravy Lover’s version and also eats Iams dry. Oskar is startled by quick movements or sudden sounds, but enjoys a long slow rub down his back and will arch into it for a nice above the tail scratch. In addition to being a tuxedo Oskar, has scattered long white hairs on his back and sides which are very distinctive. Would anything be cuter than a tuxedo cat wearing a hat like the Cat in the Hat wears? Sadly, Oskar is faster, smarter and more slippery than I expected, so after 5 minutes of effort the hat idea was abandoned.

Medical Notes:

Oskar has tested positive for FIV. FIV in cats requires no medical treatment, but an awareness that he is living with a weakened immune system. FIV+ cats can live long and healthy lives, but over time they are vulnerable to dental disease and many will require dental surgery/tooth removal in the future. We recommend that FIV+ cats visit the vet twice a year for an annual exam and for a wellness check to make sure that they are thriving.


Adoption information:

The adoption fee for a special needs cat is $100, which includes a veterinary exam, first set of shots, deworming, spay or neuter and microchip. The adopter will be responsible for the second set of shots if they haven’t been administered yet. If you are interested in meeting one of our fosters please visit our website www.helpcats.ca and complete the Adoption Interest Application. Once your completed application is received and reviewed our Adoption Coordinator will be in contact within 24-48hrs. If you have not heard from us in this time period please check your SPAM folder. Sometimes our emails end up there.