Hi folks, my name is Lindon, (Male, Brown Tabby, est DOB July 8, 2016) . I had a very rough first few years of life , so please forgive me if I act nervous and shy at first. Life wasn’t so good for me before I joined the OSCATR family, now I am loved, taken care of and feel so much better .
Foster notes
Lindon is the sweetest boy!, He has the cutest little meow, you can barely hear it, and he only uses it to tell you where he is and that it is mealtime. Other cats sometimes intimidate him, even if they are trying to be nice to him. He is starting to play a bit with one of his fostermates. He enjoys his food, but won’t eat when other cats are around, so has his own secret spot for his meals. During the daytime he now is enjoying the armchair or cat house to sleep or watch the world. Come evening he is ready to be more adventurous and active, but also loves to snuggle up beside me on the couch or sleep by my head at night (he likes to give me a good grooming).
We’ve established a good diet and medication regime for Lindon, so it is essential for his continued well-being to stay with this diet and regime.
He would do well as being the only pet in his household, or with another friendly passive cat like himself. He has so much love to give and deserves all the love he can get.



Good with cats: Yes, but would be happiest a solo cat
Good with dogs: Unknown, but probably too shy
Good with children: Older, quiet children who will be gentle and patient
Litter trained: Yes


Medical notes:

November 2019: Due to suffering severe stomatitis, an inflammation of the gums, over a long period of time without treatment , Lindon needed all his teeth removed when he came into OSCATR's care. His gums continued to be painful and inflamed, and he suffered bouts of digestive issues. He has improved considerably since beginning first on a canned prescription diet for digestive sensitivities and a now on a high nutrition minimal ingredient diet. He has responded very well to steroid medication, which has reduced his pain and improved his overall demeanor. He needs to continue on this food and his medication regime, but neither are overly expensive.



The adoption fee for a special needs adult cat is $100. The fee includes a veterinary exam, first set of vaccinations, deworming, spay or neuter and microchip. If you are interested in meeting this cat, please visit our website and complete the Adoption Interest Application. Once your completed application is received and reviewed our Adoption Coordinator will be in touch. If you have not heard from us in this time period please check your SPAM folder.