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Spayed Female, DSH Grey Tabby

Est. DOB: April 10, 2018

AVAILABLE as Cat Whisperer Needed

Adoption Fee: $165.00

Does there need to be another friendly cat in the home?


Good with Other Cats?


Good with Dogs?

Unknown but best no dogs in the home

Good With Children?


Uses Litter Box?







Most of the time, but not at first



Do we expect the cat to hide in a new home?


Home Environment needed:

Quiet home, a dedicated room to start in for first week or possibly more


My Story: My name is Rey, and I'm a small girl with a big personality! I really love to play and I want to find an adult family that will spend some time each day playing with me. Once I have gotten comfortable in my home and feel secure with you I'll sleep in bed with you and curl up on your chest or lap for a nap if you give me the chance! I'm also a tough cookie, and I'll tell you if you're bugging me, I'm a great communicator!! My doctor told me I can be a bit clumsy because I have mild Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH), I've never known anything else, so it doesn't bother me at all! I've been told it makes me even cuter than other cats! I need a quiet home - noisy neighbors upset me.


Foster Notes: Rey is a lovely cat, she's cuddly and playful. Rey isn't afraid to tell you what she wants, she'll climb on your lap for a cuddle, rub into your legs and flop down beside you, or she'll scurry into her tube to entice you to play with her! Rey is the perfect kitty for a home that is quiet (including neighbors if an apartment/townhome) and consistent, with a patient adult family that appreciates the wide range of cat personalities! Rey has a few sides to her, she can be sweet and cuddly, playful, or spicy, depending on her mood! Rey does have a nervous side to her too, and she is very sensitive to change. Rey will be aggressive sporadically when starting at her new home, but with time she will settle. She sometimes reacts fearfully when something feels threatening or annoying to her. Rey will need an adjustment period of a few weeks at the start to learn to trust her new human companions. When she gets spicy, her foster parents have some tips to help her through it, mainly by giving her space and not touching her in those moments seems to help her overcome it quickly and she's back to being a sweet kitty. Rey would be best as an only cat. Window visits by neighbour's roaming cats are not appreciated, so she will be happiest kept exclusively indoors and won't benefit from time on a leash or in a catio. Rey will need to start out in a room dedicated just to her for the first week or more, until she feels secure in the new space and with her new family.


ADOPTION FEE: The Cat Whisperer Needed adoption fee is $165.00 (which includes a health check, first vaccination in a series and any that become due while in care, first anti-parasite treatment, spay or neuter and microchip at our Veterinary partner). There is a 10% discount when you adopt 2 cats/kittens. The adopter will be responsible for any vaccine or boosters, anti-parasite treatments that are needed after adoption. Kittens usually need 3 vaccines, one month apart starting at age 7 weeks. Juveniles and Adult cats usually require 2 vaccines one month apart. De-worming is recommended at the time of each vaccine appointment. If you are intending to adopt, please be aware that your Veterinary clinic may be experiencing backlogs in scheduling appointments, so do not delay calling your clinic to book your new cat's needed booster appointment(s). Please note that cats are not tested for FIV/FeLV nor can FIP be predicted. We will share any medical information gathered during our health checks and observations revealed during their time in care. But it is important to know that some illnesses can have an incubation period of 10 days, which means that a cat can leave in good health but get sick a few days post adoption. In addition, the stress of a new environment can affect a cats’ immune system.


APPLICATION NOTE: The application for this cat/kitten may close quickly depending on the number of applications received. As our goal is to find the best match based on the cat(s) needs, only those chosen for a meet-and-greet will be contacted via email. If you are interested in meeting one of our fosters, please visit complete the Adoption Interest Application.


Once your completed application is received and reviewed, our Adoption Coordinator will be in contact within 24-48hrs. If you have not heard from us in this time period please check your SPAM folder. Sometimes our emails end up there.

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