Did you Know?

When a cat has grown up without human contact, it is considered

“feral” and these adult feral cats are very difficult to socialize.


There are thousands of stray and feral community cats living in the

Ottawa area!

The most humane option for adult feral cats is to spay or neuter

them, and then let them live outdoors with adequate food and shelter



The OSCatR Winter Shelter Program works to provide cats currently

living in colonies with adequate food and shelter, particularly during

cold winter months.


What we Need...

  • plastic tote bins (100 ltr/26 gallons or bigger)

  • styrofoam coolers

  • camping coolers

  • tarps

  • straw or other insulation

  • Gorilla tape or animal-safe adhesive sealants

  • cat food (including unsellable and expired cans and dry)

  • heated water bowls

  • heated cat mats                                                               

  • gift cards to Home Depot, Canadian Tire, Wal-Mart and similar                                                                                     stores

Winter Shelter Program


To date, we have provided more than 150 shelters with community support and a shelter focused fundraising campaign.

We will continue to build shelters and provide necessities for as many community cats as possible this year, but need your help. We will gratefully accept any donation of supplies and also offer Care Package Sponsorships.

Our Care Package Sponsorships are available in various levels. Your donation of funds can help in many different ways:

$10 - food for a week or shelter supplies
$25 - winterized shelter
$50 - winterized shelter and two weeks of food
$100 - winterized shelter, one month of food, heated water bowl
$200 - two winterized shelters, two months of food, heated water bowl and/or electric mat

Consider giving a Sponsorship as a gift! Special “Thank You” perks are available.

For more information on how to help by donating supplies or donating through one of our Care Package Sponsorships please email:

Stray/ Community Cats in Your Area?

What You Can Do:



Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) is a community-based program. It involves concerned citizens trapping or working with trappers to catch free-roaming cats in the  neighbourhood, bringing them to a clinic or program to get them spayed or neutered, and then returning the cats to the exact spot where they were trapped (assuming food and shelter are available). For more information on our TNR program, see

Provide Outdoor Cats with Food

Unlike wild animals, cats living outdoors cannot survive without an adequate food source, especially during cold winter months. If you notice stray cats in your neighbourhood and would like to help, consider providing them with food and water. If there is an electrical outlet handy, a heated water dish can be used to prevent the water from freezing.

Provide Outdoor Cats with Shelter

Cats living outdoors are no match for the cold and snow, and cannot survive without adequate shelter during winter months. Luckily, winter cat shelters can be simple to make. In fact, a winter cat shelter can be made in under an hour using a plastic storage bin, Styrofoam insulation (e.g. a Styrofoam cooler), and some straw.

We recommend placing food a safe distance from the shelter so that it’s easily accessible for your cat, but far enough away so as not to put your cat at risk from predators. Also keep in mind that you may never see a cat in your shelter, even if it’s getting used. Cat-sized depressions in the straw will let you know 'the cats are in' when you're not around. 

It is important to position your shelter somewhere that will prevent snow drifts or snow piles from trapping your furry friends inside their home.

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